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Educational Services

Children who receive adequate care and creative opportunities for growth and development during early childhood are more likely to benefit from later education and other social services.

Accordingly, NIMPITH A-AL MIRAJ SEVA MISSION has given Formal Education among the poor and destitute children in Baruipur Block and Mathurapur Block. The Mission is continuing two Primary Schools. There are 148 students in two schools.

Health Programme

We are working for the financially constraints and the poor households surrounding us. They are deprived of medical treatment and health care often. Absence of qualified Doctors create difficulties besides cost of treatment beyond the reach of the poor people.

In this context, every year we organize health check up camps for the children, women and aged.

Capacity Building Training

Capacity building of the women SHG members is an important component for poverty alleviation initiatives. The organization has undertaken following skill development trainings to strengthen the SHG members that they can manage their groups with more aptitude.



·         Animal Husbandry

·         Agriculture and Horticulture

·         Food Processing

·         Personal Hygiene

Orphanage Home (Etimkhana)


The orphanage/Etimkhana is being maintained and run properly. Present number of hostel inmates is 28 of age group 4-15 yrs. They all study in the school run by NAAMSM.

The organization provides all the inmates with food, clothing, other daily necessities of their life living. Necessary health care arrangements have been provided by NAAMSM.

Awareness Programme

Awareness progrmme is the regular feature of NAAMSM with a view of empowerment of not only women, but male also especially youths. The main objective of the programme is to conscientise the poor and the back ward sections and makes them aware of their day to day problems and enables them too for taking collective decision and action. We have organized Campaign Programme on:



·         Safe Motherhood & Child Survival

·         Life skill development programme for adolescent girls

·         Environment & Ecology

·         Domestic Violence

.         Women and Child Labour

Other Activities:

  •   Cultural Activities
  •   Games & Sports
  •   Notable Days Celebration
  •   Plantation Programme
  •   Water Harvesting
  •   Cloth, Blanket distribution among the poor